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Custom Fit Ear Protection                                                                         

If you work or play in noisy environments you know how important it is to protect your hearing.

Made to fit the contours of your ears, custom earplugs provide comfort for extended wear. There are multiple ear protection products to choose from. Whether you are shooting firearms, using heavy machinery, or riding a motorcycle, we have the right protection for your specific noise environments.

There are also adjustable earplugs available which allow you to choose more or less sound reduction. The Dual cord placement allows you to plug the vent and receive 25 dB of sound reduction. To hear speech sounds while protecting your hearing, keep the vent open for 21 dB of sound reduction.

We order most of our custom earplugs from a Canadian based custom earmold lab, all products are hand crafted with personal care to deliver the highest quality products.

Please call 250-627-8663 or visit our clinic if you require more information on ear protection brochures are available in our clinic.